For small, medium and large companies, SITca® and Siigo come together, in order to have a perfect combination of administrative software, accounting software and cargo transportation software. It is one of the greatest strengths of business management to have tools that allow us to manage information in a systematized, centralized and simplified manner, which can be linked to the cloud platforms of its clients to access their accounting data, d and in real time.

Logical Support

Logical Support goes hand in hand with SITca®, in order to reach the development of solutions that will optimize the performance of any company, in addition to integrating Information Technology so that companies use it, in an agile, useful and simple way, through any organizational level.

Working together is SITca® and Alegra, helping those companies that require support with the accounting system, because these two systems allow you to have organized information and thus know the status of your business in real time, in addition to using our App you will find all the necessary help to start preparing invoices, record expenses, take your inventory, save your banks and many more functions.


One of the alliances that transcends at the moment of the implementation of the security that we have, is DataCarga, since it offers you the possibility of validating and verifying the information on the behavior of drivers, owners and the state of the vehicles. Actually it is a fascination in its entirety and a plus is that it has real-time d information on vehicles and drivers from different official sources.


Our Software has the best alliances, which is why Drivin joins us, to improve those intensive transport operations that many times require a lot of work, in addition to making logistics operations profitable, easy route planning and much more, all of this with the mission of improving the competitiveness of our customers.

SITca® brings you the best way to generate changes that will transcend throughout the development of your company, which is why Simba joins us, whose objective is to provide business solutions with ideal optimization, you can see a collection portal, create a supporting document of acquisitions, electronic payroll and of course electronic invoicing. To another level!