What is air cargo transportation?

This modality in logistics implies the use of an airplane as a means of transport to carry merchandise between different destinations, this option is usually much faster, which makes it more appropriate for the shipment of merchandise that requires a faster delivery, normally they are usually products that are part of a supply chain that requires special attention.


Some of Sitca's advantages in liquid cargo


Customer portal

Give your customers the possibility of viewing their trips in real time, as well as the news related to them



Generation and assignment of guides, labels as well as collection and delivery equipment.



Air cargo planning is made very simple by means of modules that our system contains.

What is the importance in logistics of air cargo transport?

When transporting certain merchandise by land, there are external factors that can make deliveries complex, they can be roads with little access or high-value cargo, it is there that air cargo transport resolves all these immediately as well as quickly and safely. drawbacks.

Air Transport
Air Transport

How to optimize the air cargo transport process?

Promoting innovation, this is Sitca allows you to manage all the processes that are part of air cargo transport logistics, including documentation, thus centralizing all the information in a single platform.